Couple exercising on Valentine's Day

Happy Fit Valentine’s Day

It’s a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day and you know what that means – a weekend of specially designed menus full of  extremely yummy food and chocolate covered deserts. No matter what you decide, don’t let this throw off your New Year’s goals for health and fitness. There are plenty of ways you and your partner can make healthier food choices and maintain a workout schedule while still having some good old fashion romantic fun.

For example, try a good old fashion picnic basket at the top of a hill with a nice view or on beach with an ocean view. Nothings better than being outdoors with the person you love making great memories (weather premitting, of course). For other ideas checkout this page.

Below are two workouts for you to try for you and your partner. (Now you can eat guilt free no matter what you decide to do for your Valentine’s Day.)

Valentine’s Day workout (before the big night):

  • Run 1 mile take 5 min brake then straight into.
  • You are to complete as many rounds as possible in 30 min of the following.
  • 5 pull ups (use assistant machine if necessary chin over bar)
  • 10 push ups (chest must touch floor)
  • 15 squats (hips must brake bellow parallel)
  • 20 v-ups (body weight )

Morning after workout:

  • circuit 1.
    • alternating dumbbell curls
    • easy bar close grip preacher curls
    • plank (weighted optional)
    • rope tricep extension
  • circuit 2.
    • concentrated curls
    • incline dumbbell spider curls
    • rope cable crunches
    • skull crushers

Start out every set light-medium weight adding weight and dropping reps after each set. For ladies I recommend doing the same except not advancing to doing the lower reps set, unless you are really trying to build strength. Example: reps 20-15-10-6; 4 sets each, dropping reps while adding weight. Ladies: stop at 10 and do two sets at that level. Always to remember to warm up well and stretch when done.

Please feel free to come back to this blog and compare your times with others and leave feed back on how your workouts went.

Featured photo by Michael Critz



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