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    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our Fitness Tips. Before beginning any of these workouts please remember you are here to achieve your personal goals. To do so follow the reference guide below in accordance with the results you are looking for.

    Weight Loss

    If you are here to loose weight you must first warm up for 15 min on a cardio machine, we don’t actually start breaking into our fat cells until 20 minutes into the workout. So its good to give your self a cardio boost. After completing your cardio follow the workout as instructed doing 20+ reps for major body parts (arms, legs, back etc) and 30+ reps for abs doing light to medium weights you should still be fatigued by the end of your reps.

    Muscle Toning

    If you’re here to get a muscle toning workout you need to warm up for 5 min on a cardio machine. Your workout needs to be at high pace with only 1-2 min rest in between sets. Confuse the muscle by doing heavy to extra light reps with a max to light weight. Train your abs in two sets of exercises  between each set doing 20 reps of each exercise so to train more muscles in your core. Continue the workout doing 4 sets of each exercise.

    Strength and Muscle Building

    If you’re here to build muscle start by ‘light’ stretching, start your first set with light weight to wake up the muscle fibers and prepare them for the motion/weight you are about to do.

    Building muscle, your workouts should consist of 5-8 sets with max weight for fatigue at 3-8 reps try your best to stay at the same weight till you can only do 3-5 reps then drop weight. As always Abs Abs Abs!!! Here you can try to start adding weight to your various AB exercises. Keep your rest periods above 2 mi. The more sets you complete the longer your brake should be. Make sure to give the muscle groups you work 48-72 hours of recovery till you work them again.

    Okay good luck and remember exercise is 45% of the battle and diet is 55%.  If you train hard, stick to a good diet to make it all worth it. If you don’t know how to perform these exercises you can YouTube them or find them on the internet or books. My own personal demonstration videos coming soon!. When it comes to working out, you get what you put in !!!!

    Please make sure to check with your Doctor or current Physician before performing these exercises ( and ) The following exercises are to be performed at your own risk, results may vary depending on your performance and diet.

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