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Being a professional baseball player for the last 15 years, I have come across many types of training, been to many gyms, and been with many trainers. The last three years I have had the pleasure to train with Rick Rozendaal at Evolved Strength. We have utilized many training techniques to get me stronger and keep me healthy on and off the field. As I have aged, I’ve noticed it isn’t about how much you can lift, but how fast you can lift and stay in control. This off season we moved through a strength phase for four weeks where I gained a lot of strength and power in my lower and upper body. As I get closer to leaving, we have switched over to explosive workouts where we are building endurance while staying strong. I am beyond thrilled at the results/gains we made and look forward to learning and working out with him next year.

SeanPersonal Training Client

Rick helps me keep in shape so I can lift my heavy cameras on hikes and always varies the workouts so I don’t get bored! He is attentive to each of his clients individual needs, and pays attention to the smallest details. SOOOOOO worth it!

LynettePersonal Training Client

I signed up to prepare myself for bi-lateral knee surgery. I started Adrian’s class in May 2013 and stopped at the end of January 2014. I lost over 20 pounds and don’t know how many inches. As soon as I am able I want to get back to the class. My surgery was February 13, 2014. The doctor and physical therapist say I may get back to taking the class in 6 to 8 months. If I hadn’t gone to prepare myself for this surgery I would have taken much longer to recuperate. I was back a the gym doing light workouts at six weeks. I couldn’t be any happier with the shape my body and mind are in because of this class.

PearlBootcamp Client

Rick is excellent at individualizing exercise programs and diet regimes to each client. My wife and I almost never run through the same circuit. Rick is also great at following up on off days and keeps us honest. In the years that we’ve been with him, there has been marked improvement in our overall fitness and health. Personally, I feel great, eat smart (which does include fun foods), get sick less (and have shorter episodes), and go hiking and surfing without getting sore (even if it’s been a while since the last time I went out). If you are serious about any type of fitness goals, I fully recommend Evolved Strength.

JeffPersonal Training Client

Rick and I initially met through a mutual friend/client. I started working with Rick over 2 years ago. When I first sat down with Rick, I told him how serious I was about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish by my 50th birthday. He put a great diet and workout plan in place and we have rocked it for 2 years straight. Needless to say, I will hit the big 50 in a few weeks and WITH OUT A DOUBT I am in the best shape of my life! I have and will continue to tell people,”IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND WANT THE BEST RESULTS, CALL RICK!”

DanPersonal Training Client

Chris is great personal trainer. He is able to provide a varied training plan that gives me the definition I am looking for.
In the beginning I was apprehensive, but he was quickly able to understand me, my lifestyle and my body’s ability.
He pushes and motivates me and is able to advise me on my eating habits to complement my workouts.

ValeriaPersonal Training Client

Wow, I can’t feel my arms but they sure look awesome… Thanks Rick. This was one great workout!

BretBootcamp Client

He is able to vary every workout so the sessions never become routine; and he even provides a set of exercises he would like you to do if you are ever in the gym on your own time. Rick is a great personal trainer and would fully recommend him to anyone!

WalterPersonal Training Client

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