Chest and Arms

In order to help build and town your upper body today we are going to run you through a few of my favorite exercises for chest and arms.

Round One
Alt Dumb Bell Press Max 8 reps
Cable Cross Overs
Negative Push Ups
Free Weight V-Up Max

Round Two
Squat Curl Db
Easy Bar Reverse Curl Burn Out
Decline Dumb Bell Tri Extension Prisoner Burn
Swiss Obliques
Box Jumps

Remember keep your core tight and breath out on energy excerpts.

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  1. Walter
    Walter says:

    Have had the pleasure of training with Rick for the past few months. He is definitely knowledgeable in a myriad of exercises for each muscle group and focuses on technique more than any other trainer I have worked with. He is able to vary every workout so the sessions never become routine; and he even provides a set of exercises he would like you to do if you are ever in the gym on your own time. Rick is a great personal trainer and would fully recommend him to anyone!


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